Google Or Yahoo....


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Now we came to the question. :)

I was wondering, if anyone can tell me who is better advertise with... Google or Yahoo?

Want to be more like discussion.


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От: Google Or Yahoo....

Google more traffic, :evil: more to customer service

Yahoo less traffic, :) more to customer service.

:rolleyes: now choose yourself.....

I got new technique to get traffic without using ppc.. will let know once i finished testing... :beer: or maybe release ebook dont know yet :D



Google...because if you want to research or to look for certain word/words that pop on your mind, the very first thing you will type on your browser is Definitely, the higher google page ranking, the better. Seems like yahoo's cpc is cheaper than google and hoplink is allowable.
A friend of mine have been testing ad using yahoo, ctr is not bad but no sale so far. Really strange. ;)


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I like the interface of Google the best. Google does have the most traffic. I do not like how Google plays God with Affiliates by changing the rules and not telling us what they are. For instance the Google slaps. They change the way they calculate quality and then we have to guess what they are looking for.

Another is the banned keywords that they don't have a list to give us. We just have to figure it out on our own.

In some ways that is good for the ones that can figure it out because that eliminates the compitition. But really for Google to have so much power it makes me just want to use SEO and get free traffic. Ha...

Slap google back.

Anyways It is really heard to learn adwords when your a newbie. I think nowdays it is pretty hard unless you find the right product and keywords.

Of course most of us want to promote the latest thing but then everyone else wants to and it costs $1.00 or $2.00 to even get on the first page of the listing for some keywords.

You may be able to get away with expensive clicks if you got a system that uses an opt in list with follow ups and back end products. But most newbies are trying to use directlinking.

What do you guys think.

I spend $50 today on an adwords campaign and lost. Yeah It was a high stakes game on a product lauch. I know that product lauches are the place to be but too many people knew about it. Plus I just don't have enough experience to know how to get cheap enough PPC in these situations.

I think if I had put my ad up days before the lanuch I may have had a better quality score and could have competed. The issue was the bid just to get on the first page of results was $2.00. I have my ad on the first page the day before testing for less than $.50 a click. Thus, maybe I should have keept campaign on instead of pausing it. I did even get some clicks but since there was no site to take orders I paused it. Next time I will try to collect sign ups before the lauch. Like a preorder type of list.

I guess this was just too much of a competitive lauch for me to be playing with. Thus, I pulled the plug after $45 spent.

Of course if I had tons of cash to blow I may have experimented and tried the campaign nuking stuff. That takes some cash to do and guts.

I think if I am going to mess around with ppc I need to find some easier targets for ppc products.


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I would also think it's Google. Publishers are always saying that they are earning more per click than Adsense meaning that the cost to advertise at Yahoo is probably more expensive. People are also saying the targetting of Yahoo ads is not that great against your pages content, which may give you clicks that will not convert because of this.