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Тhe startup has the goal of monitoring every domain name in the world in order to find (among other things) all good expired domains with natural backlinks among all TLDs. We currently have lists of over 50 000 free domains with Majestic Trust Flow 10+

We can find you thousands of dropped old domain names with good authority (I suggest Trust Flow 15+, Referring domains 10+), that are currently free. This is a very cheap service, costs only $10 per each domain you actually like enough to buy - you buy the domain yourself and pay us $10 (bulk discounts are possible for over 100 domains). This is very good if you need a lot of good old domain names eg. for a blog network or supporting websites. You also take zero risk, because there is no upfront cost and you only pay for domains you like.

Here is how it works step by step:

1) You tell us the metrics the domains should have. Usually they have no Pagerank, but some do. In my opinion the best filtering is Majestic Trust Flow 15+ and Referring domains 10+.

2) We give you some (say 50) free domain names, that fit the criteria. The process is automatic, so not all domains will be that good - a small part will have low quality spam links, etc. But the average quality is quite good - way better than all free or paid-subscription websites for expired domains.

3) You look through the list and decide how many domains you want to buy (say you like 16 out of 50). You buy the domains from your chosen registrar and pay us $10 for each domain name you liked ($160 in total) for the information we gave you.

This way you don't risk anything, you only pay for what you truly like.

If you are interested in our unique service, contact us at [email protected]
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От: New StartUP - Tool.Domains

Good Idea :)
Cheers for it but I opened the site and I can't find a way to " choose nitche or min. PR. or other metrics "
I might say hit me up with 1000 and you can send me 1000 but not even one domain name that i'll like to ues * not my nitche *
I hope you go trough that :)
Best wishes


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От: New StartUP - Tool.Domains

A cheaper way (for more than 4 domains obviously) is to just go to (37$ month) and filter whatever you need by criteria, then to check if the domains are availbable (cos most of the good ones are not) with the (very nice tool, up to 1000 domains and fast.) And for the free ones check the link profile with Ahrefs or Majestic and thats that.

The Tool.Domain would make a difference if they have more registers, cos now the Compass have only GD, NameJet, SnapDomains and Pool...but in ny case those are the best quality domain catchers anyway.