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How you get money from them?
Are they worth it?
Can you use 2-3 different networks for different pop up ads or you can go to one and have them?

1. This entirely depends from the ad network which is serving the ads, I think each time the ad is shown to a visitor you get a revenue from that.

2. I doubt that, especially if your website does not get many visitors on daily basic. Also, have in mind that some users might use a pop-up blockers and they will not see the ads in that cage. Personally for me those are one of the worst ads (personal opinion).

3. Yes, you can. However, check ToS of each ad network to make sure you are fine with that.


Hi, never use them, but to my opinion they are annoying and also low effective, but still see them on many websites. You can use different networks, where you can serve their ads. Of course, you need to read their Terms and conditions, because some of them I not OK mixing their ads with others, from another network. But I think that there are not so many companies, that require it.

You can earn money from them the you do it with the static ads on your web site - you put them on you website and drive traffic to them. You earn in several ways - on click, on impression, on action. It depends on what the ad network has as options. I don't know are they great income opportunity, but I see that webmasters use them, but to tell you the true I see them only on sites tat would recommend to my friend, if you follow me. :)

Hope someone else, who uses these ads to share more information. And could give some examples, of course. ;)